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Nov 04
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Here are Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of this ??? part series! Hello? Are you there? I’m sorry I haven’t called or written in awhile. It turns out that Actually Making a Graphic Novel takes up a lot of time! But enough excuses. I’m back with the next part of this series, and […]

Sep 19
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Hi everyone and welcome, again, to my Zlog! As you can see, my site here is getting a major overhaul, and the Zlog is now a part of that. I thought about deleting all of my old posts since the images are all broken or no longer exist, but for now I’ll keep them on […]

Dec 02
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Every so often in our careers, we get to be a part of something nostalgic or special to us that we’re proud of. I have friends who have officially written comics based on tv shows they loved, adapted favorite childhood books to comics, or contributed art to trading cards based on a beloved movie franchise. […]

May 26
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Since about 2005, I’ve been hitting various comic and anime conventions as an exhibitor, and as an attendee for a few years before that. Conventions are something I really enjoy doing. It lets me travel, see friends, and meet all sorts of new people in the industry. Plus, there are worse ways to spend a […]

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