Zack Giallongo

NAME: Zack Giallongo (jee-ah-LON-go)
AGE: Increases every year
HEIGHT: 5’8” (172.5 cm)
WEIGHT: Fluctuates with emotional state

Zack was born in the Winter of ’79 and is the pride and joy of his parents’ union. Being the only one has nothing to do it. Come to think of it, he was probably edged out by their love of yardwork, but that’s besides the point. Zack was raised on cartoons, comic strips, and cheese and mayonnaise sandwiches. He spent a great deal of his childhood in the woods, but whether by choice or by being repeatedly left behind by his parents remains unclear. His steely constitution was forged by many grueling roadtrips to his mother’s native homeland, Indiana.

After his imaginary friend, a dog named Fallaballa, disappeared for good, he began to draw. A lot. As he got older, his friends’ interests turned to sports and girls and beer, but he remained fascinated with cartoons, toys, girls, and beer. Once attending the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth and obtaining a BFA in Illustration, he knew he wanted to make comics and cartoons forever and did just that. After working as a video store clerk, art gallery security guard, and gym teacher, naturally.

Zack started doing lots of comic conventions and self-publishing mini-comics, which all sold in the  tens. After doing lots of production work for various comics publishers (including lettering yaoi. Look it up. NSFW), he broke in and began to make full fledged graphic novels. “Broxo” was his first fully written and drawn. By him. All graphic novels are fully written and drawn. That’s what makes them graphic novels.

LIGHTNING ROUND:  Zack loves animals, cheese, playing the banjo, and writing in the third person. He loves The Beach Boys, The Steep Canyon Rangers, John Fogerty, Huey Lewis and the News, and Herb Alpert. He likes Star Wars.

Zack has done work for  DC Comics, Lerner, Topps, Dark Horse Comics, and First Second Books. He’s  represented by Bernadette Baker-Baughman through Victoria Sanders & Associates. You should feel free to contact them if you want him to draw or write something for you. They’re nice.

If you just have a kind word, you can contact him here. You can also visit his website, which you’re on. Duh.

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